Lessons Learned from ‘Water’ – Persistence!

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Lessons Learned from ‘Water’ – Persistence!

“Little drops of water wear down big stones." - Russian Proverb
“Little drops of water wear down big stones.” – Russian Proverb

I am currently at the airport waiting for my plane which I discovered moving forward couple of hours. I received this discovery with optimism (as usual). I took the chance to write this post.All the time I am fascinated with water strength and patience. The aggregation of strength and patience produces persistence. There are several lessons we can learn in our professional lives (and in general life) from water.
1- Slow and Small but Steady: You proceed in your life with slow but steady steps to achieve your goals. In many cases slow and steady steps are faster than jumping on soft grounds. The effect of regular steady actions is huge even if they are small. In water case, individual drop size does not matter as long as they are steady eventually those drops will reach their target whatever obstacles were rough and solid.
I recall a lot of activities and goals I have achieved through previous years with accumulated tiny slots of time. For example, I got my master degree in engineering with 90 minutes slots everyday morning before going to work. A continuous effort that lasts for 30 months. Several professional certificates can be achieved with 30 minutes each day.

2. Continuous Progress: it is very important that your actions and activities move you to a forward position. No matter conditions and step size, direction of step is more important. Water finds its way forward through turning around obstacles.

3. Keep trying: failure is not a shame. Not trying is the shame. With every failure you learn something new or find another way of doing things. Life is like a road, it has its ups and downs.

4. Follow your passion: passion for our souls is like gravity to water. Gravity through slopes sets direction of water flow. Our passion should set our direction. I believe successful people are ordinary people with a passion.

5. Reinforcement: we learnt in physics that water molecules tend to stick together forming surface tension. Similarly, we need to gather our forces and resist negativeness surrounding us.


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