The Typical IT Consultant Bag Contents

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The Typical IT Consultant Bag Contents

Typical IT Consultant Bag Contents














What makes a great IT consultant bag? Fitting everything IT consultant needs into a reasonable size bag, easily-accessible package that you can find anything you want during executing your job. IT consultant needs to have necessary and nice-to-have things on the-go.

In it you’ll find a lot of the usual: a laptop and power adapters. But then things get a little more specific, which explains the contents of just about any go bag. We all have our personal preferences. Here’s what I chose to put in mine.

• Laptop with enough screen space and decent storage capacity (1 TB)
• Samsung Note 10.1 tablet with its amazing stylus (meeting minutes, sketches, illustrations) with nice case
• Unobtrusive USB drive with good capacity (at least 16GB) by Sandisk Cruzer fit

• Samsung Galaxy S4 (with decent business applications such as scanner, fax, and other required business applications)

• High Capacity Western Digital Hard drive (at least 1 TB) with USB3 for fast backup and data transfer

• RJ45 LAN cable (just in case no wireless LAN available)
• Logitech multi-touch surface mouse (very powerful with high precision and no buttons!)
• Anywhere power plug (you will use it at different customer sites especially if you travel cross countries)
• 3G connector (for areas without Wifi)
• Logitic presenter with laser pointer (very helpful during presentations)
• Screen cleaner spray and Microfiber Cloth

• Small USB charger (that can be used for any USB device)

• Professional headphones
• Micro USB cable

Of course do not forget to have small cable clips to organize your cables within your bag for easy access.

What is your bag contents look like?

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