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March 2020

The Great Mental Models – Book Summary

Nothing is better than reading a book and share it with others through summaries. This blog post focuses on a book about mental models of thinking. It is interesting book that tackles the thinking models we are using in our day-to-day decisions and judgment upon actions and situations around us. Most of us are following...

April 2018

Well-designed Microservices Considerations

One of the core benefits of developing new systems with microservices is that the architecture allows developers to build and modify individual components independently. One of the important aspects while designing micsroservices is to define their size and boundaries. How to avoid making your microservices too small and tightly coupled. Avoid Arbitrary Rules When designing and creating a...

March 2017

Sell your Values before Selling your Services

Selling a service is much more difficult than selling a product. Services are intangible items. You cannot deliver exactly the same service quality and scope twice to two different customers. There are many factors that impact services delivery ranging from vendor service implementation team to customer environment. I am concerned here with specific subject...

October 2016

June 2016

The Future of the Database

During the first database wars in the early 1980s, it wasn't immediately obvious that the relational database model was superior to existing models. But over time, this model won due the power of SQL programming and ability to simply structure critical business data for back-office automation, e-business, and web-sites. As data growth and transaction...

May 2016

Holacracy vs. Hierarchy

Modern Management: Holacracy vs Hierarchy Organization Structure

What is Holacracy? Holacracy was originally developed by Brian Robertson in 2007. Since then this spark of an idea has spread like wildfire, having been adopted by many startups and even some larger companies like Zappos. [ideabox]Though it’s a complicated concept, its main idea is simple: eliminate all hierarchies and job titles in organizations, and replace...

January 2016

Great Executive

What Great Executives Know and Do

Despite the huge impact executives can have on their organizations, failure rates remain high. Prescriptions for what to do continue to fall short. So it was wondered: If the executives who succeed in top jobs were closely studied , could distinguishing features that set them apart and defined their success were identified? As part of Harvard's ten-year longitudinal study...

October 2015

Brief Guide for Running Meetings

A Short Guide for Running Meetings

Recently meetings are getting more and more bad reputation of time-wasting and unproductive business action. Below guide is a brief advice to make meetings more effective and regain control of your calendar. 1. Keep the meeting as small as possible. No more than seven people Of course, there is no magic number. Though research does not point to a...